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Before I go, go follow my friend Elisabeth! She is starting over her blog just like me and could really use the support!!

<3 Hope to see you guys over at my new blog.

Just a quick reminder about my new blog!

Hey guys! I am moving myself over to my new blog to track my bulking progress. I think a more focused blog for me will help me reach my goals - daily meal plan/workout/progress postings, etc. I begin bulking on August 27th so if you would like to follow me and support me in my journey, I’d love to have some familiar follower faces over there!!

new blog:

I won’t be maintaining this blog as much, and since it is my secondary blog on this account, it’s hard to go back and forth. My new blog is on a separate account so if you want to continue seeing posts from me my new blog is where you will like to go :) Thanks everyone for following me on this account!! I hope to see you over at my new one!

Postings will begin regularly on the new blog on Monday when I begin <3


Hey everyone!

I will be starting a new blog (it has been created, but no posts yet) on August 27th when I move into my new apartment, to track my progress with a ketogenic diet. Since keto is so specific, I don’t want it to confuse any followers when they see me eating completely different things from what I usually do.

If you would like to follow my journey that begins in a month, you will find me HERE.

It would mean the world to me to have a few friendly faces when I begin this change in my diet! If you have no idea what I’m talking about or what keto is, check out the page for the information I have compiled, and read the first post.

Don’t worry, I am not leaving this blog - I just don’t want to mix the two things because they are very different. I will still be posting on this blog (and I promise, it will be more frequently than the past few weeks, I’ve been slacking!!) so don’t unfollow.

Love you all!

**ETA: The new blog will be mostly intake and text posts about what I will be going through. This blog will remain photographs!